Professional Meeting and Document Management

Having trouble getting detailed meeting minutes? Do you want regular meetings to be much easier and more efficient? It’s time to boost your team’s productivity with MeetingACT developed with TECHNO SET and powered by Zoho Creator. 

MeetingACT is an application that helps organizations streamline their meetings. With it, you can:

  •  Create and organize a professional agenda within minutes.
  •  Collaborate with attendees by assigning tasks – in preparation of the meeting AND after the meeting is done. 
  • Take minutes clearly – distinguish talking points as notes or decisions, and assign the speaker for each talking point
  • Send the final minutes to ALL your attendees with just a few clicks. 

It’s a massive game-changer, especially when more and more people are working from home.

And the best part? MeetingACT is priced as low as $4/user with unlimited guests. Manage your meetings and have control over their outcomes, at such a low price. 

You can get more details at:

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