Why is a quality management system important?


The Quality Management System enables a business to protect its reputation, accelerate change and meet customer needs.

Governance, risk, and compliance best practice

A QMS also provides protection in the face of litigation. A single view of decisions, records, and audit trails reduces legal risk and lowers the costs of finding and holding content for a defensible business.

What are the Components of a Quality Management System?

  • Quality Planning- establishes strategy for achieving quality standards 
  • Quality Improvement- deliberate changes and iteration on existing processes in order to improve outcomes
  • Quality Control- ongoing action maintaining process standards to ensure output integrity 
  • Quality Assurance- systematic reviews of output to confirm specifications and standards are being met 

What are the benefits of QMS software?

  1. Prevent costly mistakes
  2. Protect your reputation
  3. Respond to incidents in real time
  4. Automated workflows improve communication flow
  5. Enhanced process management
  6. Heightened productivity
  7. Empowered quality, risk, audit, and operations teams
  8. Accurate risk forecasting
  9. Improved quality metrics
  10. Increased customer satisfaction and retention
  11. Enriched products and services
  12. Win more business- certify to ISO standards with ease

ISO 9001 

The ISO 9000 is a set of standards established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) related to quality management. Specifically, ISO 9001 is a certifiable, standard criteria for quality management systems. There are 7 principles on which ISO 9001 is based, and they are: engagement of people, customer focus, leadership, process approach, improvement, evidence-based decision making, and relationship management. Organizations which build quality management practices adhering to the ISO 9001 approach have the option to be audited and receive certification. These practices can be applied to organizations of any size and industry due to its emphasis on integration across organizational functions.

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