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Digital Transformation With Zoho Creator

We deliver fast and secure cloud applications (digital solutions) for modern businesses.  Automating your processes, giving your colleagues the access they need, visualizing information through reports, and doing it all from anywhere, at any time.

Our solutions improve communication between employees, then we encouraged them to work from home to ensure flexibility. And work still happens faster and more efficiently than before.

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Why Custom Applications

  • Made to Reflect Your Business Process
  • Built on Powerful Platform, Trusted by Businesses Worldwide
  • Keep All Information in One Secure Place
  • Smart Workflow Automations
  • Zero Infrastructure Cost
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Endless possibilities

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Business critical apps

  • Industry specific ERPs
  • Accelerate Performance
  • Decision Analytics
  • Simplify Management
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Line-of-business apps

  • Field service apps
  • Operational efficiency apps
  • Accounting and invoicing
  • Project management
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Customer engagement apps

  • Customer portals
  • Customer service apps
  • Customer interaction tracker

Development Process

Our experts closely collaborate and coordinate with you in every step of the project, Once the requirement assessment is complete, TECHNOSET experts will start design the solution workflow with visual representation tools.


Case Study


“We saw a 60% boost in productivity after we started using the TECHNO SET application built on Zoho Creator, because it reduced a lot of paperwork. It’s also very efficient because we can use these applications from anywhere.”

Gilbert von der Aue
Melchers Malaysia Managing Director

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