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Digital Transformation With Zoho Creator

We specialise in providing innovative digital solutions that enable modern businesses to achieve higher levels of efficiency and productivity. that streamline and automate processes, improve internal communication, and provide real-time data visualisation using the powerful capabilities of Zoho Creator.

We have a strong track record of success, especially in Malaysia, Turkey, and the Middle-East, where we have helped businesses in various industries optimise their operations and achieve their goals.


Why Custom Applications

  • Made to Reflect Your Business Process
  • Built on Powerful Platform, Trusted by Businesses Worldwide
  • Keep All Information in One Secure Place
  • Smart Workflow Automations
  • Zero Infrastructure Cost
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Endless possibilities

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Business critical apps

  • Industry specific ERPs
  • Accelerate Performance
  • Decision Analytics
  • Simplify Management
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Line-of-business apps

  • Field service apps
  • Operational efficiency apps
  • Accounting and invoicing
  • Project management
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Customer engagement apps

  • Customer portals
  • Customer service apps
  • Customer interaction tracke

Powerful Automation

Zoho Creator’s power is capable of transforming and automating any business workflow.


Low Code Platform

With drag-and-drop functionality and simple tools, you can unlock Zoho’s full potential without extensive coding.


Build apps that run on all devices

Build and see your apps come alive instantly. The apps you build on the web run natively on PCs, tablets, and both iOS and Android mobile devices.


Fastest App Development

Zoho Creator enables rapid app development with automated reporting, pre-designed styles, and user-friendly templates.


Real-time, conversational analytics

Transform large volumes of data into visual charts and leverage artificial intelligence to gain immediate, powerful insights.


Security and Compliance

Enjoy complete transparency and peace of mind about when and how your business data is used. Zoho Creator provides comprehensive, enterprise-grade security controls, which are trusted by over 13 million users worldwide.

Development Process

Our experts closely collaborate and coordinate with you in every step of the project, Once the requirement assessment is complete, TECHNOSET experts will start design the solution workflow with visual representation tools.


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Case Studies


“We saw a 60% boost in productivity after we started using the TECHNO SET application built on Zoho Creator, because it reduced a lot of paperwork. It’s also very efficient because we can use these applications from anywhere.”

Gilbert von der Aue
Melchers Malaysia Managing Director

dickson lab
“Whenever we have a problem, we immediately think whether we can solve it with the solution built by Techno Set. The coaches are happy, the end clients are happy, and everything’s just so much easier. We look forward to continuing to use Techno Set’s solution to automate more manual processes.”

Aleen Foo
Coach, The Dickson Lab

Digital transformation of business

With Zoho Creator (Zoho Low Code Platform)

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