Zoho Updates, New Features – April 2021

The past month marked 25 years of Zoho! Did you realize they’ve been around this long? Founder, Sridhar Vembu posted a great retrospective sharing “25 Years of Zoho,” the story of how Zoho grew these past many years. Don’t miss the video at the end featuring some of Zoho’s longest employees, and maybe some familiar faces. Congratulations, Zoho Corp, on 25 years! 

On to what’s new – in the past month, Zoho Creator team has shared a number of updates, bug fixes, and improvements including the Zoho Creator On-Premise solution. We also saw a Zoho CRM Module views UI enhancement.

Zoho Creator

  • Zoho Creator On-premise:
    We’re excited to introduce Zoho Creator On-premise which will equip you to create applications and store data within your premises. Similar to the cloud app.
    The document here provides a comparison of the cloud app and the on-premise app for you to understand the key differences and also includes a compilation of features available in both.
  • Version 6.4.1 of Creator Android brings multiple bug fixes to enhance the overall performance of your app.

Zoho CRM

Module views UI enhancement

User-interface for list view, Kanban view, and Canvas have been revamped with the following changes:
– The smart filter in list view and Kanban view can be expanded/collapsed
– The create and import record buttons are grouped together.
– Wrap/clip text options to manage alignment of text within fields.

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