Publish Date: 06/06/2023

Automate Messaging and Streamline Sales with WhatsApp CRM Integration

Zoho CRM With WhatsApp

Revolutionize your sales process with Zoho CRM integration and streamline communication through WhatsApp. At TECHNOSET, as a Zoho Partner, we understand the significance of efficient customer communication for businesses. Our seamless integration between Zoho CRM and WhatsApp enables you to centralize your customer communication channels, automate messaging, and optimize sales team performance. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to enhanced collaboration, improved customer relationships, and maximum sales potential. Book a free consultation today and witness the transformative power of WhatsApp Integration for your business.

Finally, selling through WhatsApp done easy

  • Sales reps text in WhatsApp directly from CRM

  • A sales rep sees only their own chats, the leader sees everyone’s chat history

  • Contacts and deals for new clients are created automatically

  • Chat history is stored in CRM

  • Routine messages are sent automatically


Benefits of WhatsApp Integration with Your CRM System 

Now that we have explored the reasons why WhatsApp integration is helpful for sales teams, let’s take a closer look at the specific benefits this integration brings to your CRM system:

1. Easy Monitoring of Salespeople’s Work 

By integrating WhatsApp with your CRM system, you gain the ability to easily monitor the work of your salespeople. All conversations, including text messages, images, and documents, are automatically synced and stored within the CRM. This allows managers to review the interactions between sales reps and clients, gaining valuable insights into the quality of communication and the progress of deals. With this level of visibility, you can provide constructive feedback, identify coaching opportunities, and ensure that your sales team is consistently delivering exceptional customer service.

2. Enhanced Access Control 

Privacy and data security are paramount when it comes to client communications. With WhatsApp integration, you can implement enhanced access control measures within your CRM system. Sales reps are granted access only to the conversations related to their own clients, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential. On the other hand, managers have access to all client conversations, enabling them to oversee the team’s performance and step in when necessary. This access control feature strikes the perfect balance between collaboration and data protection, empowering your sales team to communicate effectively while maintaining the privacy of client interactions.

3. Eliminating Missed Clients 

In sales, every missed opportunity can result in lost revenue. WhatsApp integration helps you eliminate the risk of missing clients by centralizing all customer communications within your CRM system. When a new message arrives, sales reps receive instant notifications, allowing them to respond promptly. This real-time engagement not only prevents clients from feeling neglected but also enables your sales team to prioritize and address urgent inquiries first. By ensuring that no client slips through the cracks, you can maximize your sales potential and foster stronger customer relationships.

4. Persistent Message Visibility 

With WhatsApp integration, messages remain visible and easily accessible until they are responded to. Unlike traditional WhatsApp chats, where messages can be easily buried in a conversation thread, integrated messages stay at the top of the chat until they receive a reply. This persistent visibility ensures that no important client messages go unnoticed or forgotten. Sales reps can quickly identify unanswered messages, prioritize their responses, and provide timely follow-ups. The result is a more organized and efficient sales process, where every client interaction receives the attention it deserves.

People often ask us

Do you connect the WhatsApp Business API?

Yes, we do. You can integrate WhatsApp Business API with CRM. Do it yourself or contact our support team for assistance. We can help you to apply for verification, agree the templates, get a green tick.

Is bulk messaging possible?

It’s possible, WhatsApp Business API is great for this. You can send out unlimited bulk messages and add buttons to messages to boost the conversion rate.

Do you support group chats?

Yes. Moreover, if you use one number for all sales reps, they will see group chats only with their clients, not with anyone else.

What other messengers do you serve?

We can integrate WhatsApp Business API, Telegram, and Instagram, any of them or all at once. Even if there are several messengers, you can respond to clients from one window.

All my sales reps have their own numbers, is the service for me?

Yes, all sales reps will text using CRM or our mobile app but will not see each other’s messages.

Can I use this solution if I have many sales reps?

Yes, no problem. It’s possible to move all sales reps to one channel or create a separate one for each.

I have several branches with different numbers. Is the service suitable in this case?

Yes, we have companies that operate this way. Each branch has its own phone number, which is used by all sales reps at that branch. When new inquiries are made to this number, they are distributed among the sales reps of this branch.

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