Operational Agility
Publish Date: 03/08/2021

Zoho Creator Enabling Operational Agility

Agility more than anything else, the digital age requires businesses to be operationally agile. There’s more change and disruption in markets than ever before, and companies need to respond more quickly to changing demands. Agility means being able to work quickly and ensure you’re focusing on the right activities at the right time. It’s all about capacity, flexibility, and velocity:

● Capacity. You need to have sufficient capacity in your business to complete the work you need to do.

● Flexibility. You need the right flexibility in your systems, processes, and technology to allow you to respond to changing priorities.

● Velocity. That flexibility also allows you to work at sufficient velocity to switch between priorities and get work done on time.

A major pain point for people in many organizations is the number of apps they have to use to get work done. It’s overwhelming, confusing, and exacerbates existing silos within the workplace. Enterprise work management technology directly addresses this issue by integrating disparate applications into a single platform that connects all work, boosts collaboration, and improves productivity. It enables operational agility in complex organizations, allowing people to access the resources and information they need, and focus on the work they were hired to do.

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